What I’m Reading This Month

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Soar by T.D. Jakes

When I heard “Knowledge is Power” as a kid, I took that ish to heart.

August 2020 – Soar

Soar is the quintessential faith-based guide to launching the vision God gave you into the air. He gives step by step instructions from God’s perspective on how to step into the entrepreneurial space.

July 2020 – Kaizen

This book is all about making consistent change on a regular basis. So many times, we do something for a season but don’t keep it up. Kaizen shows you that instead of concentrating on the whole, just improve the corner. Then the corner will lead to the whole.

June 2020 – Wholeness

The first time I read this book, it didn’t make much sense to me. When I revisited it two years later, I realized that I was not in a place to receive the information as it was presented. This book illuminated so much within me that confirmed my path to Wholeness was right on track.

May 2020 – Year of Yes

Much like Rhimes, I felt obligated to live by a certain set of rules as if I couldn’t change them. This book liberated me to do just that. Once I decided to go for what I wanted and be open to the process, I experienced freedom on an incredibly other-world level.

April 2020 – Rejection Proof

It’s uncanny approach to get comfortable with rejection and to eliminate fear will inspire you to take wild leaps just to see if they can happen. It lessens your own relationship with fear and encourages you to take baby steps out of your own fear-created bondage.

March 2020 – The 5 Second Rule

The quintessential ‘get up and take action’ book that has taken the world by storm. When you don’t feel like doing something, take 5 seconds to get yourself together and go do it. This is the mental manipulation trick can could possibly trick you right into your destiny.

February 2020 – You Are a Badass at Making Money

Jen Sincero’s account of how she went from broke to millionaire is a funny rendition of how you can come up if you put your mind to it. Filled with candor and humor, she slides nuggets of wisdom in with such a unique perspective you can’t help but want to manifest everything you know you have waiting for you.

January 2020 – The Alchemist

This book has long been one of my all time favorites. I listen to it once a quarter, at minimum. A fable based on what happens if you take a leap of faith and follow your dreams, it is a beautiful depiction of stepping out and seeking what God has placed in your heart.

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